Thursday, July 23, 2015

Denver, CO- Day 1

Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs- Beef Hotdog with "The Conspiracy" toppings 
Topo Designs. Very cute shop that sells colorful outdoor gear. Similar to Herschel. 

Union Station

Tattered Cover Book Store

Denver Millenium Bridge


P and I went on a getaway to Denver, Colorado to celebrate my birthday and our 5 year anniversary. I was able to take my new Olympus OM-D E-M10 for a spin, and am amazed at how vibrant the photos turned out. The originals hardly needed any post-editing.

Denver is such a beautiful city filled with stunning scenery, laid back folks, and adorable restaurants. There were rooftop restaurants on each street corner with people sipping on their favorite drinks enjoying the warm weather. I really enjoyed all the ecclectic art displayed on the walls of the city. The bipolar weather was quite alarming at first, but I eventually ran through the pouring rain as if I was in a slow-motion scene of a romantic movie.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous to enter a city that was so unfamiliar to me. Since we had 4 days to spend, P and I took our time and truly absorbed each moment. Although I love photographing every moment of my life, I made an effort to cherish what was in front of me, rather than viewing everything through my camera's viewfinder. It was sad to realize how much of my time in California is invested in snapping videos for Snapchat, editing photos for Instagram, and displaying food photos on all my social media platforms. It's like I yearn for those likes. Refresh my instagram page to see how many likes I got, or if anyone left a comment. I am trying to make a conscious effort to leave my phone in my purse during meals and to disconnect with my electronics when I am around others. Of course, I will do my best to provide content on this blog, but in a more minimal way.

This trip was the perfect opportunity to decompress. I learned to focus on appreciating the little things and not having to worry about anything trivial (very cliche, I know). Definitely an eye-opening experience.

Day 2 and 3 to follow.


  1. really love the photos of the rain! can't wait for day 2 and day 3 posts

  2. How do you like your camera compared to your old Samsung? Did you sell your Samsung? I've been researcher mirrorless cameras & can't decide which is best!

    1. PS this reminds me that I have to process & blog about my trip haha. Before I go on the next one

    2. The Samsung has lasted me over 4 years and even without flash or a view finder, I was able to take great pictures. The Olympus is super tiny and the photos just turn out flawless. I'm still getting used to the Olympus camera though. If I had to choose, I would definitely go with the Olympus. I've heard the Sony A5100 is also pretty nice too.

    3. Thanks Jo for the input! I have been in this dilemma for the past month and can't seem to pull the trigger & decide. I def have been in debate between the Olympus & Sony. Can you bring over your camera next time you are over and maybe let me feel it out? :)