Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sunny day in Napa

3 Cheese Plate from City Winery

Delicious coffee cake

Traveled to Napa for a friend's birthday and had a relaxing time. The weather was gorgeous and the wine was just what I needed. Roamed around in a large 9 seater van exploring and tasting various Napa wine. Of course I had to have a mini photoshoot in a tree, while others were enjoying their picnics with their families. 

This skirt defeated me. Sure, it looks cute and goes with everything, but unfortunately, it cuts off my circulation. It definitely doesn't help when I'm indulging in delicious foods and plenty of wine. To make matters worse, at the end of the day, the zipper ended up breaking, and my skirt came apart. Good Bye skirt forever.

Excited for what summer has in store. 


  1. Napa is so nice. That skirt doe

    1. The weather was so nice that day. I need to find a new skirt!